Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to Bring Just In Case Your Prom Dress Isn't Appropriate

So you found the perfect prom dresses. They’re absolutely gorgeous and you can’t wait to wear them. However, you aren’t entirely sure if your formal dresses and prom dresses fall into the category of appropriate, but you already made the purchase and can’t go back on it. This isn’t a common scenario, but it is one that can happen. Luckily, you can be prepared.

First of all, look at your dress. Does it have a plunging neckline? That could be a problem. Is the back cut out? That could be another problem. Is it a tiny bit too short? That’s another problem that you might run into. The question is—how do you get rid of these issues and keep your prom dresses and cocktail dresses and short dresses, no matter how they look?

Try and make sure, first and foremost, that if you have cut outs, you also have masking tape and colored fabric that matches (or maybe doesn’t match) your dress. In this case, if you happen to have your dress deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, you can quickly slip it off, cover up the cut outs, and get back to the dance floor. If you can’t have a low back, make sure that you have a shawl on you just in case. As for cleavage, you probably won’t want to use masking taps, but a good safety pin would probably do the job well!