Friday, September 09, 2005

Get the prom look

Get the Look

Psssssssssssst. Did you know??? The simpler your prom dresses are, the more accessories you can wear and the more dramatic they can be. Take this and find out if you're doing it or overdoing it. Try your prom dress on with the jewelry and other accents you want to wear to prom.

If it looks really really great, then there is no sense in ruining it by wearing even one more piece of glitz that will destroy the elegance, and beauty of the look. Get your friends' advice to see how others see you. Take a picture! It lasts longer! And then use it to take this most cool make sure you have it perfect!

Make sure you look gorgeous not trashy, elegant not tacky, chic not cheap. Ooo la la!

There is something so subtle and indescribably lovely as seeing someone dressed just right and just so beautiful. Decide: a simple pearl strand and matching earrings? or a fancy necklace? Which hair accessories, gloves or shawl? Remember, you will also be wearing a corsage, which in itself is another accessory to harmonize with you and your prom or homecoming dress and shoes and hairdo!

If, on the other hand you have chosen a prom dress with a lot going on, lots of sequins, shimmer, shininess, ruffles, puffiness, flounce, lace etc. you will need to wear little or no jewelry. Maybe some simple dangle earrings, that match the shimmer in your dress. Or maybe just a diamond solitaire necklace will be all that you need to look ravishing. Less really can be more. If your flouncy dress is going to be matched with a lot of romantic curls, a pair of filagree earrings will be all you need to be the belle of the ball
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