Friday, February 11, 2011

Geometric Prom Dresses

Geometric prom dresses are an interesting, fun choice when you're tired of plain dresses and want to spice it up. Instead of regular old formal dresses, geometric dresses provide you with something innovative. You can choose from neutral dresses to bright and colorful dresses and everywhere in between. It's simply up to you and what you want out of your dress.

Firstly, decide what you would like your dress to look like. For example, if you're really, really fond of bright colors, then choose a bright, bold pattern. Squares are a nice, bright one as are triangles and octagons and things of that nature. If you're looking for something that is neutral instead of really bright, then you should choose pastels and tans and brown colored dresses

and shapes that are small, including circles and bubbles and other shapes that are normally not considered way out there.

You then have the choice between small shapes and large shapes. If you're a little bit heavier, then smaller shapes are the best choice for you. They not only look classy and pretty, but they also add a nice, delicate touch to your prom dresses. If you're really, really skinny, then you should look into larger geometrical shapes instead so that your formal dresses leave a bigger impression on those whom are going to be at prom!