Monday, January 03, 2011

How to give a prom dress to somebody

If you’ve gone out of your way, looked through hundreds of prom dresses, dove through accessories and just tried your best in general to find good prom dresses for that special girl in your life, then you may be wondering how to give it to her. After all, you’ve gone through the trouble of buying her it—giving formal dresses to someone should be just as special. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions as to how to give someone their cocktail dresses, and that you can jazz it up at your leisure.

First of all, you could show up to pick her up for prom (make sure she is paid for first, though!) and when she says she can’t go, present her with the dress. Make sure that it is in some sort of covering so that—just in case—she drops it or she tackles you and you drop it, it doesn’t get dirty.

Another idea for dresses is to have the dress lying on her bed and wait downstairs while she goes upstairs and sees it. You could also place any jewelry that you bought (it’s okay if you don’t) on top of the dress in plain sight. This works great for both short dresses and long dresses of all shapes and styles. You could also substitute the jewelry with petty flowers instead.